FAIZTECH TRADING is one of the best conveyor belt supplier in India, we are supplying and exporting conveyor belts, timing belts, plastic modular belts, flat belts & V-belts, food grade belts, nylon sandwitch belt, transmission belt and variable speed belt to many kinds of industries like all manufacturing industries sector including plastic industries, rubber industries, food grade industries, mining and mineral industries. conveyor belts can be of some types like Rubber Conveyor Belt, PVC Conveyor belt, PU Conveyor belt, slat chain conveyor belt, etc,. Conveyor belts manufacturers produces conveyor belts which is to carry the material from one end to another along with the system. The belt is rotated between two or more pulleys. Mainly rubber conveyor belt is used in many industries because of its toughness and resistance capacity. There are many Conveyor belts manufacturers in India who produces all kinds of conveyor belts. so industries outside India can get conveyor belts from us.

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