A Conveyor belt is use to carry the products to the specific location through the conveyor system. There are many types of conveyor systems in which mostly used system is Belt conveyor system. In a belt conveyor system a belt rotates along the system through two or more pulleys with the endless loop. Both the pulleys rotates along with its axis allowing the conveyor belt to move in a particular direction in which a material is placed. Conveyor belts can be classified into two categories such as small belt system for material handling purpose and another for large scale industries to carry raw material in bulk quantity. We are the Conveyor Belt Supplier which supplies all types of belts from Conveyor Chain Manufacturer.we are Conveyor Belt Supplier who supply belts and chains from Conveyor Chain Manufacturertiming belt
Our products are appreciated for the following features
· High Efficiency and strength
· High Durability
· Sturdy Construction
· Resistance to Corrosion
· Resistance to temperature
· Flexible
· Good Conductive Rate
· Excellent Mechanical Properties
· Low Operational Cost and high tensile strength