Variable Speed Belts

Our Variable Speed Belts have a rubber compound reinforced with fiber which gives our belts heat resistance and superior transverse rigidity.  These fiber prevents the belt from getting collapse under the heavy load and good stability on summer days.  Helps to reduce spin burn damage and allows good harvest speed.

Variable speed belts are designed for efficient transmission of power by wide speed ranges, smooth running and for long life .Our Variable Speed Belts have high tensile members which are stronger than steel by its weight for high break strength. These tensile members use to keep the machine running efficiently. Our Drive Belts have cogs on both inside & outside diameter.  To maintain cord support and to improve flexibility, the cogs are molded to precise engineering tolerances. To prevent heat and to keep the belt cool these belts has more area for air circulation in cushion section.

We can also supply European and American standard variable speed belts

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