Timing Belts

The main purpose of timing belt is to run the engine camshafts. Timing belt work is valve opening and closing at precise time with up & down movement of pistons so that it name gets Timing belt. Maintenance of Timing belt gets easy by the quality of belts we are supplying so that it gives less maintenance cost.

FAIZTECH TRADING supplies Timing belts and Timing chain which is used to synchronizes rotation of crankshaft and camshaft and used as a part of internal combustion engine so that the valves of engine open and close at a correct time between respective cylinder’s intake and exhaust strokes. In some type of engine it’s difficult to timing belt or timing chain to protect the valves from piston striking. The difference between timing belt and timing chains are, in timing belts teeth are inside the surface of belt and timing chain is a roller chain. In modern automobile engines a timing belt and timing chains are used to synchronize crankshaft & camshaft rotation.

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