Heavy Duty Elevator Chains

Technical Specifications:


Heavy Duty Elevator ChainsFor Cement Industry FAIZTECH TRADING Heavy Duty Elevator Chains can withstand high abrasion because of its high quality materials and by getting its optimum properties from its heat treatment and gives a better life of the chain.

FAIZTECH TRADING supplies Elevator chains in different steel grades such as in stainless steel, Carbon or in Alloy steel. Due to which it gives high durability, high strength and low coefficient of friction. We provide different types of attachments depending upon the clients need such as K2,K3,K24,K44,K443, etc.

Our Elevator chains can be used in many industries like Sugar industries, Food industries, Cement industries, Textile industries, coal and mineral industries, etc. We supply chains to these various industries in standard form according to the load requirements.

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