Food Grade Belts

The materials used for manufacturing Food Grade Belts is homogeneous thermoplastic Elastomer because of which it creates excellent contact surface for cooked, frozen and raw foodstuffs. These belts are available in high grip and textured nonstick surfaces. Our Food Grade Belts can be used in Industrial like Dairy, Meat, Bakery, Poultry, Vegetables and fruits, Fish and seafood and for pet food. We have a wide range of Food Grade conveyor belts and belting.

Advantages of Our Food Grade Belts are:
Grease and oil resistant
Non-stick cut-and-gouge resistant
No links, hinges and modules that cause bacteria to deposit fragments into the food
No detachment of flights
It can be cleaned easily in low cost
Loss of food is reduced
These Belts has hygiene level over long time
It can be repair on site easily

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