Flight Chains

Flight Chains:

FAIZTECH TRADING supplies various categories of flight chains according to the customer need from a wide range of selections from heavy duty to light duty.

FAIZTECH TRADING can supply standard form of Flight Chains or any custom design depends upon the need of customer.
These flight chains can be made in any grade of steel like stainless steel, carbon steel, etc. which can be used in different industries for different applications.

Flow Conveyor Chains:

FAIZTECH TRADING supplies Flow Conveyor Chains or Drag Chains of various kinds like light duty to heavy duty according to the need and application of these chains.

FAIZTECH TRADING supplies Drag chains or Flow Conveyor Chains from forged links because of which these chains has high durability , high strength and gives good result in the end.

We can supply these Flow Conveyor Chains or Drag Chain in any grade of steel like stainless steel and others. So as to use in the respective industries.

The width of the Flow Conveyor Chains can be customized according to the need of customers.

Technical Specifications of Flow Conveyor Chains:

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