FLAT Belts & V Belts

FLAT Belts:

The main characteristics of FLAT BELT are the structure of tension member and top face and underside coatings. The different tension member this belts offers five lines and coatings to match it. Because of which it gives a different types for sophisticated, low cost designs and high efficiency operation.


FAIZTECH TRADING provides V-belt Drives which is manufactured by out of graded casting as per requirement. We also gives conventional and quick fit taper lock to the clients if needed. We have a wide range of pulleys with different sizes, grooves & V belt with respective bush sizes having pilot bore and keyway to the required dimension.



Extruded Polysurethane Belting:

We have polyurethane round, V profile and tubular belt which is ideal for light duty drives and medium duty drives. These type of belting is generally used for ceramic tiles, food processing industries, glass and for liver roller convey.


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