Conveyor Belts

FAIZTECH TRADING supplies conveyor Belts which can be used successfully in material handling industries such as cement clinker, coal and mineral industries, iron- ore industries, baggage and paper pulp industries, food industries, agriculture and fertilizer industries, mining industries, etc.

FAIZTECH TRADING also provides special form of conveyor belts such as sidewall cleats, chevron cleats, full width cleats and made the top of belt into a rough surface to handle bulk material bags at high inclination. We provide these belts in wide range starting from 2 to 12 ply, 50mm to 2500mm widths and in all nylon/cotton/E.P. carcass and cover grades – HR,N,M,UHR,HACR,SHR,Hygienic, in open end lengths to requite size.

FAIZTECH TRADING has a wide knowledge in Belt conveyor Industry by continuously suppling and exporting the best quality Conveyor belts to our customers. Our conveyor belts can be used in various industries to move the bulk materials.

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